Shake IT!

Shake Weight
The Shake Weight. We’ve all seen the commercials for it. Saturday Night Live gave it the business in a now viral sketch, joking about the rather suggestive hand positions employed to shake your way to a healthier new you. Click below to see for yourself, a warning, this is definitely PG material!

Whether you find yourself laughing, confused or just shaking your head in condemnation, you know you asked yourself “Does that thing actually
work?” We decided to find out.
The day our Shake Weight came was one of great excitement. The confounding thing has essentially wiggled it’s way to a cult/kitsch status much like S.P.A.M or our much beloved Slap Chop.We ordered the Shake Weight basic set which came with an instruction sheet and a 6 minute workout video. The website offers more comprehensive packages that include a timer and various other Shake Weight accessories for the true aficionado.
The commercial left us with the impression that the Shake Weight was a motorized device, it is in fact not. The momentum of the Shake Weight is provided by you, the workout comes from isolating this movement, which pushes a spring mounted (we assume) to and fro, making a friendly foof-foof-foof sound while you work.
The video, hosted by a delicate woman with well toned arms (that may or may not have come courtesy of Shake Weight) has a friendly, but not annoyingly perky attitude, so common to many fitness gurus. She guides you through several Shake Weight positions. The video is broken up into periods of shaking followed by a recovery exercise, and hey, it’s only 6 minutes long!
One thing we really like about Shake Weight and the Shake Weight companion video is that it isn’t difficult to use, which means you actually might! You do start to feel the burn after a few shaking sessions, but you’re not going to be groaning in pain the rest of the day. It’s also a great workout for people with limited mobility, as you could easily perform all the exercises on the tape in a seated position.
We’ve only been shaking for about two weeks, and we don’t quite have the guns of Michelle
Obama yet, but we’ll be sure to bring you updates as the Shaking progresses.

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